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Wellness infused Hair Care

Customized experiences
Sensory minded
Safe space to info dump
Silent appointment options

About Section

Have you struggled to find a hairstylist in Phoenix AZ? 

Underneath every head of hair there is a mind & soul with just as many needs as their hair. Big salons can't always accommodate an environment or provide a truly customized experience that honors all of your needs. This is why I created Mind Hair and Soul...


Hi, I'm Kristi & I'm excited you found your way here...

About Section

Were you hoping for professional guidance with your hair, but got a, "what do you want", instead?

 You shouldn't have to stress over coming up with the perfect look for yourself and hoping that it's a good fit. It's also not your job to keep up with the terminology or even know what specific terminology you should use to ask for what you want. I created a simplified menu that is super easy to understand while making sure your hair gets what it needs. This leaves all the technical stuff to me so you can enjoy your time here and not worry about booking the wrong thing. Bring in inso pictures if you want, if not we will work together to find a good fit.

About Section

Does going to the salon sometimes feel overwhelming?

Salons can be overstimulating and depending on the day your sensory needs may vary, so I fixed that problem. Here, you get to choose if you want an upbeat vibe or a calm oasis away from everything. I offer silent appointment options if you prefer to keep your personal life private & want to focus strictly on your hair, or we can pick your favorite playlist to jam out to and share stories if you need connection. Communication beyond your hair is also important so I created a non-confrontational form that gets sent to you the morning of your ritual, so you can customize your experience before you even arrive. 

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About Section

Has your hair appointment ever felt rushed?

Your stylist is super talented, they really are, they have a packed schedule that the front desk piled on them unexpectedly and they are gulping coffee every chance they get to survive, and you feel that energy. Your hair may also be starting to feel like it's just another head of hair on an assembly line of appointments. That's not okay, your time here is all about you. I don't double book or squeeze people in. Making sure we have a comfortable amount of time allows for a thorough consultation that encourages a rich creative process and allows time for guidance on how to take care of and recreate your new look. You will never looking at the clock and wondering if your stylist forgot about the chemicals they just put on your hair or not.. 

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The Difference...

Mini wellness rituals are infused into each hair experience since true beauty and self-care exists in the interconnectedness of the mind body & soul. It is always your choice to which level you want to participate in an of the extras. They are complementary and you will have the option to customize any part of your hair ritual including any individual sensory needs. I am Happy to make reasonable accommodations upon request and work together to make sure Mind Hair and Soul is the safe space that it is intended to be.


Mind Hair and Soul 

6115 N 7th Street 
Phoenix AZ 85014

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Studio Hours


10:00 AM - 7:00 PM


10:00 AM - 7:00 PM


10:00 AM - 5:00 PM


9:00 AM - 2:00 PM

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