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What is Lifestyle hair?

  • Offering solutions for a more graceful grow out if you aren't able to be come in every 6-8 weeks.

  • Cutting & coloring your hair in a way that complements low effort styling. Your natural hair may have wave inconsistent wave & curl or be super thick to the point it's not naturally manageable. Addressing this through detailing and customized cutting techniques paired with a lifestyle analysis helps me guide you to your best options. 

  • Making sure the hair you like to pull down around your face are just right too because you pull your hair back often & want to feel confident in that look just as much as when you take the time to fix it before going out. 

  • Helping you pick a hair color that you don't have to pile a ton of makeup on to feel like it looks good or constantly maintain a spray tan to pull off. 

Free Spirited Formal Hair 

Hairstyles for when the event is formal, but vibe you're going for is fun & playful

Custom Designed Wedding Hair

Together we collaborate to create your perfect hairstyle to complement your weddings overall aesthetic. This involves everything from pre-planning to pre-event trial and the day of.