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The Rituals

Hair Rituals are a more intentional way to experience what you used to call your hair appointment. Each ritual is customized by you depending on your needs.

Every Hair Ritual includes...


Haircut Rituals

Haircolor + Haircut
(Haircuts may be substituted for demi-permanent conditioning treatment)

Needing a color correction?

Color Corrections are more Intensive projects that are outside the realm of routine hair appointments and require advance training and experience. All color corrections require an in-person consultation as well as a strand test and may require that you have the entire day free to commit to your appointment. They are quoted on an individual basis. Some examples include: 

  • Correcting lines and/or blotchiness

  • Correcting blonding services that left you glowing or excessively brassy

  • Removing  box color 

  • Going lighter on hair that has previously been colored

  • Correcting Banding

  • Removing fashion colors from the hair

  • Going back to your natural color when planning to not color your hair anymore. 

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